Cottage Paint products at Heer’s Paint in Kitchener Ontario

Cottage Paint is an exciting new product line that we have been carrying at all of our locations for a couple of months now, and we absolutely love it!


Cottage Paint is a clay-based paint that dries to a silky matte finish, and remains porous and easy to sand or wet distress when dry, making it perfect for the Shabby-Chic style furniture refinishing on trend right now. This type of paint isn’t new of course, it’s been around since the frescos in the Sistine Chapel, but the benefit of this modern clay paint is that it has been formulated to exceed today’s environmental standards by removing almost all of the VOCs in both the bases and the pigments. Cottage Paint is used as a furniture refinishing product, it achieves an authentic time-worn appearance through it’s chalky finish and the hand rubbed technique used to distress it. You can create many additional finishes when using their specialty products as well, the possibilities seem almost endless once you start to experiment with it.

A few of the great qualities this paint has:

  • Cottage Paint dries in about 15 minutes to one hour. Never do more than THREE applications of anything to a piece per day though, even if you can.
  • It adheres to just about any surface you can think of: wood, plastic, metal, brick
  • It requires NO sanding, priming or stripping most of the time. Just make sure the surface is clean. Varnished and stained surfaces do require priming to seal the surface prior to painting.
  • The paint can be distressed as soon as it is dry using a damp cloth or fine sand paper.
  • Cottage Paint does not roll or peel like latex when sanded, it appears as if the paint has gradually worn off over time.
  • Can be used in conjunction with their other decorative finishes to create endless unique looks and combinations

We have already held two successful workshops at our Gage & Westmount, Kitchener location and will be holding more at Gage & Westmount and our other locations in the near future. If you’re interesting in attending a workshop please let us know at, and we will contact you when we have more dates. Cottage Paint has some pretty amazing specialty finishes in their line, we’ve featured most of them in our workshops; they include:  camillesTable-300x225

      • Two Colour Distressing: Layer two complimentary or contrasting colours on top of each other, distress the top layer of paint to allow the bottom layer to peek through.
      • Dry Brushing: A dry brush, a little paint, and a light handed technique create a subtle textured appearance.
      • Transfer Oil: Transfer any laser printed image onto almost any surface with this amazing product.
      • Antique Glazing: Create an authentic looking antique patina with a little paint and glaze.
      • Stencil Peel: Creates a reverse stencil effect
      • Textured Paste: Creates a raised surface that can be textured or sanded smooth. Can be used with a stencil to create a raised stencilled effect.
      • Crackle Medium: Creates an authentic looking aged surface by creating cracks in the top coat of paint, allowing the bottom coat to be visible.
      • Stencilling: Traditional technique of  creating a design with a stencil using paint, metallic waxes and texture paste.
      • Metallic Wax: Used to create a metallic appearance. Dries very fast and does not need to be clear coated.

Drop by any of our locations for more information, and to see samples of Cottage Paint paint and the various finishes.

By Diamond McMaster, photos from

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